Sunday, June 13, 2010

Water Dance

Different breeds of dogs have different play styles. Melissa loves hanging around with her retriever friends. She wrestles with them. She swims with them. She runs with them.

But her ultimate pleasure is leaping and splashing She has met a friend who has asked her to dance. Kodi is a Standard Poodle, he and Melissa make up the steps as they go along. It is a dance known only to them, for that moment of time.

They meet politely at water's edge.

Melissa makes the first gesture to begin.

The dance begins.

They run and splash.

They leap high in the air.

Twisting and turning, it is a dance of their own.

Sometimes it can look serious!

They take turns dunking each other. First Melissa. Look close, Melissa's head is barely showing!

Then Kodi goes under! Yes that is Melissa pushing him under the water with her paw.!

Kodi stays under, as Melissa makes her get-a-way.

Twisting back, she looks to see if Kodi is resurfacing.

When he does, she runs away.

She swims in to begin yet another dance.

She leaps straight out of the water.

Then directly at Kodi.

Another dance begins.

Some of the steps are different.

Sometimes they synchronize their movement.

And the dance goes on......


  1. Your photos captured the pure joy....and wordless interaction that we humans never quite "get." Thanks for sharing. Barb L (friend of Kodi and now fan of Melissa)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful movement should be set to a
    symphonic overture "Ode to Playful Friendship".
    Love this so much.
    Thank you,
    Judie (friend of Liz and Kodi)

  3. Their joyous dance made my day!

  4. I love the playful antics and the ballet like movements, especially the leaps and pirouettes.

    Dennis (friend of Liz and Kodi)

  5. I am glad you all enjoyed the 'dance'. Watching Kodi and Melissa interacting was pure joy for Liz and myself.