Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Summer Fun!

Our friend Corrina is visiting from Texas, with her two dogs. We are having a blast catching up and having fun with the dogs. The Wire Hair Pointing Griffons Emelie and Hunter used to live in this area. We wonder what they must be thinking being back in their ol' hiking and swimming areas. They never missed a beat, it was like they had never been gone for a year.

Emelie stood on the rocky bank waiting for a stick to be thrown. Texas has a different terrain!

Hunter resumed his favorite past time 'hunting'.

Emelie looked like an alien emerging from the water!

Glory and Melissa enjoyed their usual swimming and retrieving.

Lab Lucy joined us this morning when we took the dogs for a very early swim. She and Hunter played tug. Hunter held onto just the tiny bit of rope attached to the bumper....neither wanted to let go!

Melissa had never met Emelie and Hunter, but in her usual style she welcomed them both. She and Hunter kicked up a lot of sand along the beach.

Lucy and Melissa played tug.

Hunter did his usual 'hunting'.

Melissa did one of her furthest retrieves.

Lab Lucy swims the fastest. For those times that Melissa cannot reach the bumper first....the next best thing is to take a hold of a tail!

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