Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Puppy Melissa and Heavy Machinery

I am sure you are wondering what raising a puppy has to do with heavy machinery! I took advantage of a front loader parked as another opportunity to continue Melissa's socialization. It had been parked for some time, the engine was cool so I allowed her to explore around it and on it.

She approached it confidently, hesitated for just a moment before putting all 4 feet on the metal loading section. In order for her to feel even more comfortable around this large piece of equipment, I placed a few treats on it. This made for a nice association: new object/surface = food = something pleasant. It provided a new surface for her to walk on, and a new smell to sniff: diesel. Just another chapter in Melissa's world of being exposed to as many things as possible so she continues to develop into a stable confident dog.

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