Friday, December 4, 2009

Puppy Socialization continues

Although the Holiday Season is upon us, I am still taking the time to expose Melissa to new places, people and objects. She is only 14 weeks old, she is still in the prime time to socialize and expose her to many things. Here are a few things Melissa did this past week:

1) Went to Saratoga and met a very good friend of mine; along with one of those colorful race horse statues that grace the streets.

2) Met some carolers and was greeted by a man playing a guitar.

3) Walked by a moving bus. Gosh those things are noisy, but Melissa took in all in stride.

4) Walked into the bank and met even more people.

5) Was exposed to the trash can rolling down the drive way.

6) Heard gun shots in the distance.

7) Met two Poodles, a mini named Dash, and a standard named Kodi.

8) Met a stranger with a hat and wearing glasses, along with about two dozen other people and children.

9) Put her feet in the cold water at a pond.

10)Went for many car rides.

11)Met people wearing rain coats who leaned over her to pet her.

12)Had people wearing gloves pet her.

13)Walked over grates in the road.
14) She met a few indoor cats at a friend's home.

Melissa continues to be learn new skills. She can target to my hand, is able to respond to her name with mild distractions, waits to be released from her crate and to go through a doorway. Whether she will need to wait on the start line for agility, to stand still while she is being groomed or while being examined by the vet, the skills she learns now will benefit her for a lifetime. By exposing her to the big and noisy world now, I am setting her up to be at ease with whatever comes her way in the future.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Don't forget to introduce her to a fire hydrant. Remember Billy and the monster hydrant.


  2. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for the reminder, it is on my list of items for puppies to explore. Melissa has explored several hydrants since she came to live with us. This week the new item of interest was the snow blower and LOTS of people in hats, scarves and gloves.

  3. Monster fire hydrant? THat sounds like a sidebar story to me.Chris.

  4. I have asked Judy to give me the fire hydrant story will appear! Another instance where training and socialization is happening every moment we spend with our dogs/puppies. And things happen when we least expect them to.