Friday, March 26, 2010

Ice is out, let's head for the lake!

Spring was officially here last Saturday, but we woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, it was only 29 degrees. Typical New England day....a tease of Spring for a few days but then down go the temps. The ice was off the lake, the dogs needed a good run. It warmed up to sunny 34 degree. My friend Lessa and I had a dash of Spring fever so off we went to the lake with our dogs.

Melissa had been to the lake a few times in the Fall before it froze. Would she put her feet in again? Would she swim? Would it be too cold for her? Melissa had a blast!

My thanks to Lessa for taking the majority of these photos. There were 3 dogs, but Buster was far too busy with some fine dining on some deer bones to be in the majority of photos. Lab Lucy and Melissa played with a bumper in and out of the water.

They ran with the bumper.

Melissa watched as Lucy retrieved the bumper

Melissa leaped for the bumper.

Melissa tried to walk on water.

Melissa went swimming.

Melissa jumped while Buster sniffed.

Melissa and Lucy crashed!

The two girls shared the bumper.

Running, leaping, jumping, retrieving, swimming and sniffing made for a busy day. All three dogs went home tired. The lake season has begun!


  1. I can almost feel the icy water drops flying out of the photos, Chris! Tremendous energy. I'm betting Melissa & her friends will sleep well tonight. But what am I saying? When don't dogs sleep well?

  2. By the time we got back to the car Melissa had ice forming on her curls. My fingers were frozen despite super duper below freezing gloves. The dogs would have stayed longer, but we humans were getting a bit cold. And yes they slept very well.