Saturday, March 20, 2010


I found myself in tears yesterday. It was really nothing, but again, it was something....because it made me cry.

I was driving in my car, Melissa was settled in her crate, chewing on her everlasting treat ball. I thought I heard a deep baritone couldn't be, I knew the music I was listening to by heart.

On the way home I heard it again. Different music, but now the tones were changing. They were higher pitched, lower the music. They were sustained.

Melissa was lying in her crate singing, softly, changing her tone as the music changed. None of our other dogs sing to music. I have not heard that mesmerizing sound in over 6 months....and then the tears came as memories of our Pixie came back.

Dear Pixie, our 6 year old Borzoi who traveled so many many miles with me. All over New England, to Canada, to Ohio, and Maryland. Her voice was soft, it was clear, it was always in time to the music, high notes and low she could hit them all. We lost Pixie suddenly last September. She died in our yard, right in front of me. She had just had her heart checked, along with blood work and thyroid panel less then 24 hour before....all normal. Autopsy showed no cause of death.

I think about Pixie a lot, we spent a lot of time together. My demo dog for classes, my dog who accompanied me on educational visits, my buddy for presentations and workshops, a dog to cuddle with at night, the best hiking companion, and a wonderful therapy dog. She loved every minute of life. I loved having her as part of my life.

And now....another Borzoi to sing along to the music. I want to think that a part of Pixie has come back to me. But Melissa has her own personality. Yet there are some very similar traits, the way she plays with toys, the glint in her eye, the special way she approaches and leans in to be petted, and now the singing. And yet she is different. Her personality is just developing, but I can tell she is going to be a good traveling buddy. I am thrilled she is here to share many songs and many miles with me.

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