Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad dog or bored dog?

It's a hole.

No doubt about it.

Freshly dug. The moist soil at the top of the pile, tells me it was done quite recently.

The culprit? Melissa. She was the only dog who had access to that section of the yard.

She runs to greet me, fresh soil on her paws and nose. She grins at me, a grin Borzoi owners know well, and leans into me to be petted.

Is she a bad dog for digging a hole? No she is not. Was she bored? Most likely she was. My schedule this week has been a little hectic. Coupled with two days of rain, and her exercise was was curtailed just a bit. So she found a way to entertain herself. This was not a hole dug to keep cool, it was merely 40 degrees. Nor was the hole dug to chase the trail of a mole. She dug in gravel, moles burrow in soil. Melissa dug a hole cause she was not given enough to do. Wake up call to me...she is 8 months old, needs LOTS of exercise both mental and physical, and I did not give her what she needed. Bad owner.....

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