Monday, April 19, 2010

Dogs Just Being Dogs

4 friends and 5 dogs hiked yesterday. The weather changed from clouds to sun to rain to clouds to sun. I am still learning the different settings on my new camera and what to use with different lighting. So although not the best of photos they do depict the fun time the dogs had.

Dylan, Melissa and Glory trotted along a wooded path.

Dylan looked for sunken sticks.

Puppy Tate looked inside a culvert.

Melissa practiced keeping 4 feet on ground rather then jumping up on Barbara. She was rewarded for being polite by receiving some of Barb's tasty treats as the other two dogs waited their turn.

Melissa chased Dylan in the creek

They played in the meadow as puppy Tate looked on.

The dogs know the way to the pond.

Glory, Dylan and Melissa went for a swim.

Puppy Tate pondered the splashing.

Muddy Caedi.

Tate and Melissa take one last long sniff of what nature has to offer.

We saw violets blooming...Spring is definitely here.

The dogs went home tired. They ran, played fetched, sniffed, rolled, swam, got muddy, and chased each other. I can't think of a better way to exercise our dogs while spending time with friends.

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