Monday, May 24, 2010

Back home......

We've had a few busy weekends of traveling for Melissa's first dog shows. Sunday was a long day of travel, 778 miles to be exact, from Fort Mitchell Kentucky back home. We were away for the Borzoi National Specialty which is a week long event. I scheduled a 'light' work schedule for a day or two after we returned home so I could take Melissa for some hard core exercise.

I am a fanatic about getting my dogs exercised, and although we powered walked miles every day in Kentucky we still had two days of travel on either end of the trip, along with hotel time. During our stay we did a bit of training, we played some mental games, socialized with other dogs and people, and showed twice in the ring, but Melissa did not have any opportunity to run off lead.

Due to the excessive heat upon arriving home, temps in the 90s, we opted to go to the lake for a long awaited opportunity to run and swim...aerobic exercise!

My friend Lessa had camera in hand and took photos of all the dogs playing in the great outdoors. Buster enjoyed rolling in the sand. Melissa found a dead snake. Melissa discovered the art of blowing bubbles in the water. They ran, swam, leaped and carried bumpers. I hope you enjoy the photos of dogs just being dogs.

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