Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mud Puppy

Life for Melissa has not been all about preparing for shows. Melissa still has had lots of opportunity to be a dog...sometimes a very muddy dog.

She started an affinity for mud when she was just a little puppy, about 3 months of age. She first watched while her friend Kodi put his feet in muddy water.

She moved quickly to getting her feet muddy and then her entire body.

Winter came and with it snow, no mud for Melissa for a few months. But as soon as the ground thawed she resumed her love affair with mud. Sometimes she combines it with green slime.

Sometimes it is fun to share with a friend.

Then play in the old corn field to dry off.

Making her way up and over piles of dirt is another 'must do' event while out hiking.

I am not sure what it is about the mud. But lately it seems that Melissa is covered in lots of it. No need to worry, a bath in coconut shampoo and all will be clean......

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