Thursday, July 8, 2010

The heat continues.......

We are entering the 6th day of high 90s. Temps today may be a degree cooler, but the humidity is higher making it once again unbearable to be directly in the sun. Nothing much to do on these hot summer days, can't run the dogs in the fields, can do any training outdoors, we just have to wait until this passes.

When outdoors, Melissa is spending most of her time in her pool in the shade. And no Liz, I am not having an in-ground pool installed just for Melissa.

She and Lucy play games.

Melissa has tried to entice our house guest Buster to put his feet in the water. I tried to entice Buster into the water by throwing a few pieces of treats that float into the water. But no, Buster really would prefer to eat on dry land, and lounge inside with the AC blowing on him. When I empty the pool later today, I will toss a bit of Buster's dry kibble into the pool. I am confident he will enter an empty pool. Tomorrow I will add an inch of water, then toss a few kibbles in. If that goes well, I will continue to add a little bit of water each day. I will even wait until the water warms up a bit before giving Buster a try at it. Some dogs detest cold water. Some don't care if they plunge into icy water. I will let Buster guide me as to what he prefers, I won't force him, we'll take it slowly and move forward inch by inch. Perhaps in a few days he will be enjoying it as much as Melissa, and if not....well, there is always our air conditioned bedroom to keep him cool.

Whether your dog prefers water or a dry place to lie, make sure he has plenty of fresh water to drink, and place to get cool off. It's hot out there!

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