Monday, July 5, 2010

Melissa's Pool

Melissa had a kiddie pool. She tried it out back in June when we had a run of hot days.
She carried her sticks into it. She moved her ball around, but it really was really too small for her. So last week I bought her a bigger pool. This one holds a lot more water, and she can lie down in it if she chooses to.

Today it is 97 degrees. I couldn't keep her indoors the entire day. She needed some time to play outdoors. I had 3 hours between morning and evening classes to play with her. I didn't have time to take her swimming at the lake, the pond or the creek. Too hot to run, too hot to play tug, too hot to do much of anything outdoors except play in water. Perfect time to introduce her to the new pool. It has a different sound to it when her feet it the plastic. It is not at all like swimming in the lake. Melissa enjoys floating and swimming in the lake, sometimes she is in the lake before her Retriever friends. She likes water. But I still took the introduction to the new pool slowly.

I let her step into it before I filled it with water.

I let her watch as the water from the hose filled the pool.

She licked the water in the pool, she licked the water as it came out of the hose.

She even tried to carry the hose around.

She sat in the water. She blew bubbles.
She shared the pool with her friend Lucy.

As Melissa becomes accustoms to her new pool I will fill it with more water, but for now half full is all they need...and it makes it easier for me to tip over and clean out at the end of the day.

Melissa's new pool is keeping her and Lab Lucy cool on a hot summer day.

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