Saturday, October 2, 2010

The recall revisited.......

It is a gorgeous October day. My friend Lessa and I took the dogs for a hike early this morning. I had the confidence to let Melissa off her long line for part of the time.

Thanks to Lessa who caught the dogs' pure joy in photos. The dogs ran in the fields and meadows, going one way then the other enjoying the brisk air.

They ran until their tongues hung long.

They sniffed the air, their heads held high.

They sniffed the ground, their muzzles deep in alfalfa.

The pond was a perfect setting, dozens of geese against the fall background.

The dogs took notice of the geese, and in the water they went.....swimming to join the gaggle!!

Luckily both Melissa and Lucy have a fairly good recalls. They heard their names, and turned to look at us...and came swimming back to shore.