Monday, March 7, 2011

Rotating Dog Toys

I believe dogs, just like people, get bored with the same old same old..... I remember as a young girl when a toy that I had completely forgotten about appeared out of the was new again to me and my brother. It became novel again and we played for hours with our 'new' toy'. And so, I rotate my dogs' toys. The old toys that have been put away for weeks or longer become 'new toys. Today with the freshly fallen snow, I took out two 'new' old toys. Lab Lucy and Borzoi Melissa have not seen the Holee Roller Ball in about a month.

They have not seen their green football in over two months. Others toys were forgotten today as they played with their 'new' toys.

They got an extra long workout running in the snow. They played with a new intensity with their 'new' toys which only adds to my belief that rotating their toys keeps it more interesting for them.

Lucy and Melissa had mock battles where they jumped on each other, they growled, they showed teeth. All of which is totally normal during play. They chased each other until tired.

And when Melissa couldn't quite reach the toy she'd reach for Lucy's tail.

Stay tuned for their new indoor toys. Really new, just recently purchased.

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