Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kong Wobbler and the Pyramid

Two new interactive toys for our dogs! My thanks to Pam Green at Clean Run for suggesting them.

The Kong Wobbler has a heavy base that makes it a bit challenging for some dogs to move onto its side to allow for dispensing of the food. But the opening is a tiny bit larger then the Pyramid so the dry food comes out easier.

The Kong Wobbler can be twisted apart into two pieces for easy cleaning.

The Pyramid, developed by Nina Ottosson, looks similar to the Wobbler. It does not twist apart for cleaning, so it does take a longer time to air dry. I have not yet tried it in the dishwasher. It is slightly lighter weight then the Wobbler but the opening is smaller, making the dispensing of the contents a bit more challenging.

The dogs have used two new toys for about a month now, and both toys seem to be holding up to lots of rolling and bouncing. As with other toys, I rotate these with their other interactive toys.....keeping it novel and interesting for our dogs. The use of interactive toys can be mentally tiring. This past weekend, while we were away at a 3-day training seminar with Kay Laurence and spending evenings in a hotel room, Melissa was kept busy with the Kong Wobbler.


  1. I love this dog toys. It is such a great idea. I like that food comes out of it to keep the dog interested in playing with it. I have to get one for my sisters dog. They both will love it.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for writing Mackenzie. Even my adults love these toys. Thanks for thinking of your sister's dog. Great mental stimulation.