Friday, May 6, 2011

Kong toy for the lake

We took the dogs swimming at the lake today, the first for the year. They got to try out their new toy....the Kong Aqua. I was rather skeptical when I was told directly from the company that this Kong would float. But float it did!!

The rope attached to it is long enough to be able to throw it far. The rope material is made of a soft nylon that was gentle on the dogs' mouths.

The shape of the Kong makes it easy to hold in many different ways, whether by the Kong itself or by the rope.

They ran with it.

They tugged with it.

Melissa entertained herself by dropping it into the water
...and getting splashed.

She then would retrieve it from the bottom of the lake and start all over again.

She and Glory took turns dunking it and watching it resurface.

Glory had fun rolling on it.

After a morning at the lake with 3 dogs playing with the Kong Aqua there were no marks on the rubber, no fraying of the rope. So far this new toy gets an A+

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