Friday, November 6, 2009

Puppy Chewing!!

Those teeth, those needle sharp teeth! I am sure anyone who has had a puppy has experience that sensation. Puppies explore the world with their teeth, they are investigating how things taste, how certain items feel in their mouths, and they play using their mouths.

Puppies are not being dominant, which is an old fashioned term in this day of training, when they use their mouth on you. Your pup is just being a puppy. But what do to about those sharp teeth? Start by giving her appropriate chew toys. In the photo you see Melissa chewing a bone, but also notice that she is on lead...the other end is being held by my husband. We do not allow Melissa free run of the house. Just like a toddler you must monitor your pups every movement. You must know where she is at ALL times. There are just too many items in your house that Melissa would investigate using her teeth: the leather furniture, wires, wood cabinets, shoes etc. We are setting Melissa up for learning good habits. She is learning that we can watch TV while she is on a rug chewing a bone. Chewing her bone is more rewarding to her then chewing other items.

So what are appropriate chew toys? Kongs stuffed with some food, it can be part of their meals, it can be some cream cheese or p-nut butter. Melissa enjoys her Twist and Treat and Kibble Nibble Ball made by Premier Check out their website, most local pet stores carry these items. Bones are another option for chewing. The marrow should be taken out as this is what causes digestive upset. Melissa is eating a raw deer bone. Raw bones are fine, they can be part of a raw diet (Bones and Raw Food BARF), but cooked bones can splinter.

Melissa was well exercised before she was given the bone while we relaxed last night. More on how to exercise your pup and how your pup learns to use her mouth appropriately in the next few blogs. Melissa has been chewing a bone while I type, time for a potty break...and more exercise.

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