Thursday, November 12, 2009

What new experiences did your puppy have today?

Melissa had another busy day. I had a cancellation mid-day so I put the free time to good use. Along with time I had set aside in my schedule to expose Melissa to new things, this extra time allowed us to see and do more than I had planned.

What did puppy Melissa experience today?

1) She met a woman carrying a backpack.
2) She met a child.
3) She walked on a new trail, just the two of us, no other dog or person.
4) She met several people wearing heavy winter coats.
5) She visited the bank and met several more new people.
6) She saw and heard commercial lawn tractors sucking up leaves.
7) She got the chance to go up close to one of those tractors once the engine was stopped.
8) She got her nails trimmed.
9) She ate one of her meals in her crate in the car.
10) She put her feet in mud puddles, and in a creek.
11) She walked on tile, cement, asphalt, rugs, a floor with grids that had a rough surface.
12) She discovered grates in parking lots. She sniffed, peered down, and walked across.
13) She hiked with friends and 3 Labradors.
14) She heard gun shots in the distance.

Don't let the all important socialization period go by without your puppy experiencing several new things each day. Socialize in your house, at a friend's house, and out in public. Now is the time for your puppy to explore and discover the world. Having strangers touch Melissa and lean over her, while wearing different type of hats, jackets etc is just a tiny part of her socialization. Hearing different sounds, seeing new sights and taking in new smells is also part of Melissa's puppy-hood. The more she experiences during this critical period, the better she will be able to cope with every thing that comes her way during her lifetime. Have fun with your puppy, I know I am!!

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